We provides Yoga Teacher Training Since 2009 

We are an Indian Yoga Ashram in Thailand, Certified and Registered with World Yoga Alliance Here you can Change your Life and explore your inner happiness with Healthy Lifestyle. In additional you can join Hatha Vinyasa and therapy yoga teacher training course or you can just enjoy your holidays to take a Retreat at Adinath Yoga Ashram in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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Stay in Ashram

The Ashram is literally built for everyone, from practitioners who wishes to improve the skills as a student or as a Yoga teacher to Yoga teachers who want to lease the place for sharing Yoga skills and knowledge. You can also be a part of our Indian Yoga Ashram. CLICK HERE

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Complete your dreams today and Become a Yoga Teacher in Paradise with our community at Indian Yoga Ashram in Chiang Rai. (Its not just about asanas, we ensure we give you a lot of techniques and skills to help you become a quality Yoga teacher) Click Here

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Become a Volunteer

We always welcome to volunteers who else wish to help towards Indian Yoga Ashram Mission and visions. If you would like to be a part of our helping hands team, please feel free to contact us.

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Our yoga teacher training will deepen your practice, provide inspiration, and teach you how to share this amazing gift of yoga with others. Experience personal transformation in our retreat in Thailand, where you’ll discover peace and tranquility in the infinite sunshine and calm tropical waters. Click Here