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We are an Indian Yoga Ashram, located in a beautiful region of Chiang Rai in Thailand, Certified and Registered with World Yoga Alliance. You are welcome to join our Hatha Vinyasa yoga sessions, therapy Yoga Teacher Training Course or simply enjoy your holidays at our beautiful retreat center.

yoga teacher training 2019

Yoga Teacher Training 2019

Complete your dreams today and Become a Yoga Teacher in Paradise with our community at Indian Yoga Ashram in Chiang Rai. (It is not just about asanas, we ensure we give you a lot of techniques and skills to help you become a quality Yoga teacher).

meditation retreat relax with nature

Meditation Yoga Retreat 4 Days

This is amazing 4 days yoga retreat ever in Chiang Rai. You will do the yoga everyday lead by WYA teacher. And also we guided meditation and do the mantra to you every day.


Thai Northern Yoga Retreat

 Full Yoga Retreat 16 Days

Come here to get the best yoga retreat in Chiang Rai. Get body, mind, and soul stronger. Yoga everyday and special activities.

Meditation, Massage, Hiking, and Cooking


Founder & CEO

Guru Dharm ji At the age of four, he met an old Yogi traveling through India. From the age of seven he was selected to start asana competitions all around the globe. After a few tournaments he had already started to win gold medals. After a few more years, he had won 10 gold medals as best Indian Yogi and 2 gold medals as best international Yogi.



Kru Sak

Founder at RAYA YOGA

Kru Jirasak SriPanDej (Kru Sak). He is a writer of  "Hali Om Yoga Travel Yoga Documentary" (Thai).

He has Teaching experiences about Yoga and Meditation more than 15 years

Teaching Style: Hatha Vinyasa Iyengar Meditation.

Kru Nin

Admin FB Page "Yoga Story"

Kru Nin.

He was Nucleoplasty for long time, So he learn Yoga since 1999 teach by Kru Suthi Panthong until be completely healed. After that he learn more about yoga from Kru Hnoo (Chomchean Sittivej). Writer of Yoga Story (Thai) and Teach Yoga WS at the famous studios in Thailand. He is a Yoga Teacher 100 & 50 hr for WYA.

Kru Oh

Monchaya (Oh) Ploy

The benefits of her practice have helped her students with the physical, mental and spiritual problems, and to be overall happier. She has taught yoga across a range of studios in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Ubonratchathani, Phi Chit, Pattaya, and Hat Yai.



Kru Note

Mindfulness Yoga (Body and Mind Connected Style)

Kru Note had once suffered from the physical pain. His mind also had been hurt until yoga came into his life. He has been practicing yoga and finally becomes a teacher who is expert at Mindfulness Yoga’s principles certified from Byron Yoga Centre Australia. He is also an exclusive teacher for national organization, World Yoga Alliance YTTC.


Kru Jom

Kru Jom (Jomkwan Wangdee)

Kru Jom has taught yoga across a range of studios in Bangkok such as My peace yoga, Yoga plus and Sundance studio and other private companies. Her style of teaching is Hatha Vinyasa and yin yoga through mindfulness practice.