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AdiNath Yoga Ashram is an on-going project with a lot size of 5 acres. Surrounded by exquisite farmlands, soothing lakes, and stunning hills in the background, the Ashram is located in Tambon Nang Lae, Amphoe Mueang. In less than 10km you can reach the magnificent waterfall up the hill, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in cold and clear water. Along the way, you will also find the stunning views of the greens and experience the warm hospitality of the villagers.

The Ashram has a beautiful practice hall that can easily hold up to 50 practitioners, along with accommodation and dining areas. Upon completion of the whole project, Adinath Yoga Ashram will have a 3m high statue of Lord Shiva (AdiNath) emerging from the water in the middle of the ashram, with additional accommodation building and the meditation center on the side. All the main construction elements in our ashram are made of bamboo, making it natural and eco-friendly. Integrating the art of living from Lord Shiva or Hatha Yoga, combined with permaculture, the Ashram is a place meant for everyone who would like to experience and benefit from slow living and enjoy being immersed in nature.

We offer a diverse range of yoga courses in Thailand: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, meditation training, acupuncture, massage therapy or organic farming. Our ultimate goal is to offer the opportunity for anyone who wants to improve and enjoy the wellness of mind, body, and soul while ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem of the world through mindful thinking, and the blissful joy of self - realization.


If you are a yoga teacher

If you have many customers

If you looking for the place to make the events (Retreat and/ or YTTC)

If you want to do the yoga next to the pure nature but not far from the downtown

If you want more activities waterfall, trekking, cycling, massage, local market shopping, and exclusion

If you want delicious vegetarian foods every day

If you love north of Thailand

If you need the place to save your budget

Contact us and make your dream come true…..Namaste

Perfectly adequate for 18 people

We are in the north of Thailand ( good weather )

Surrounded by nature

A big yoga hall ( yoga shala )

Popular places nearby

Close to the city and International airport

Regular Price is

1,500 THB/ A Day per person

Single Bed, 3 meals a day and all space in Ashram...Included

Get a 10% discount...for WYA Members

Guru Dharm has always had a vision of mountains, lakes, and waterfalls as the background for the ashram, where one can indulge in the beauty of nature, listening to its voice and cultivating a strong relationship with the Earth. His hard work and persistence in looking for the best location brought him to the Muang District, Chiang Rai in Thailand, where Adinath Yoga Shram was created. What makes our place unique is the fact that it's all natural, eco-friendly, and has a passionate and dedicated team that wants to offer the positive and welcoming energy to anyone coming to stay here.

About Location:

Chiang Rai, the farthest north of Thailand, is located around 785 km away from Bangkok and borders Myanmar in the north and Laos in the east. The former capital of the great Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Rai is a truly fascinating province filled with natural and cultural wonders, including the Golden Triangle, once the center of opium production that had much influence on cultural practices and lifestyles, where Thailand, Laos, and Burma come together. Chiang Rai has stayed off the tourist path for many years, allowing the locals to enjoy leisurely development and traditional, rural lifestyles.

Chiang Rai is a traveler’s little paradise, endowed with abundant natural attractions and rich cultural heritage. Here you can find ruins of ancient settlements and Buddhist shrines, as well as beautiful mountain scenery and hill tribe villages. For those interested in the natural side of the province, jungle trekking is a truly magical experience. You can explore the mountains in the north and enjoy the various hiking trails that can take you up to the villages of diverse hill tribes, still maintaining their traditional lifestyles. Chiang Rai has a tropical but fairly moderate climate. October through March is considered the winter months when there is little rain and pleasant cool weather, while the rest of the year is considered as summer time and has warmer and more humid days, with more rainfalls. Overall, the climate and the air of the north are much cleaner and purer than in the south, making your stay in Chiang Rai a real retreat.


About Meals:

Thailand is a country known as the Land of Food and Fruit. Every meal prepared at our ashram is carefully cooked according to a healthy yogic diet. We only provide vegetarian food, including some eggs and milk. At Adinath Yoga Ashram you can have a fresh and delicious meal every day, enjoyed with our yoga family. Get more details about food in Thailand -- Click Here 


How to Reach Chiang Rai

See the Complete Details Here by Bus, Plane, train or Car

We are proud to be a part of the community and dedicate our time and efforts to offer every day one free yoga class to our residents, and one free English class for the children in the villages (ongoing project), with many other projects yet to come. Adinath Yoga Ashram has been built for everyone, from practitioners who wish to improve their skills as a yoga student or a yoga teacher to yoga teachers who want to lease our place to share their skills and knowledge. If you wish to be a part of our Ashram, here are a few ways how you can contribute:

• Join as a student or volunteer;

• Register as a member of your entity (studio) or individual basis;

• Be a part of our team by sharing and contributing to the community;

• Donate to help build and finish the Ashram (simply reach us if you would like to have more information about us).