Mantra is a Sanskrit word and it means mind controller. According to the Vedas (The oldest books in the world, around 10.000 BC), the ancient Rishes were able to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in nature e.g. the sound of the wind, butterflies etc. They recognized that these sounds are the manifestation of […]

What is Pranayama?

Prāṇāyāma (Sanskrit: प्रार्ायाम prāṇāyām) is a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the prāṇa or breath” or, “extension of the life force”. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prana life force, or vital energy, particularly, the breath, and “ayāma”, to extend or draw out. (Not ‘restrain, or control’ as is often translated from ‘yam’ […]

WYA Certified 200 hour YTT Course Syllabus

Here you can see the details for Certified 200 hour yoga teacher training course Syllabus in Thailand.  Practice of Traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar (sun & moon salutations) Bhujanga Namaskar Series A (Cobra salutation)   Basic, Intermediate, Advanced hatha yoga asana sequence includes about 50 – 60 Asana‘s / positions Yoga for Beginners: Basic […]

What is meditation

What is meditation There are more and more people nowadays who secretly fall in love with the practice of meditation. But despite all its popularity, there are still very few who actually know and understand what meditation is. Why is it so confusing and why is it important to set things straight? First and most […]

Control of Breath – Part of Pranayama

The first important step is to master the asana of posture or to control the body. The next exercise is pranayama. Correct posture is indispensably requisite for the successful practice of pranayama. An easy comfortable posture is asana. That pose is the best which continues to be comfortable for the greatest length of time. Chest, […]

How to reach Chiang Rai

How to reach Chiang Rai:  There are many ways to get into Chiang Rai province in the North Thailand. So here we are showing you the easiest way to get into Chiang Rai at Adinath Yoga Ashram. By Air Plane  Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI) is located on Phaholyotin Road 8 kilometers from downtown Chiang Rai. […]

Link for Partners

Adinath Yoga Ashram is Recommend the Yoga Community who work with Heart and Faithfulness. Here is the Link for our Peoples: World Yoga Alliance: WYA Directory: WYA THAILAND: Yoga Europe: