What is meditation

What is meditation There are more and more people nowadays who secretly fall in love with the practice of meditation. But despite all its popularity, there are still very few who actually know and understand what meditation is. Why is it so confusing and why is it important to set things straight? First and most […]

Control of Breath – Part of Pranayama

The first important step is to master the asana of posture or to control the body. The next exercise is pranayama. Correct posture is indispensably requisite for the successful practice of pranayama. An easy comfortable posture is asana. That pose is the best which continues to be comfortable for the greatest length of time. Chest, […]

How to reach Chiang Rai

How to reach Chiang Rai:  There are many ways to get into Chiang Rai province in the North Thailand. So here we are showing you the easiest way to get into Chiang Rai at Adinath Yoga Ashram. By Air Plane  Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI) is located on Phaholyotin Road 8 kilometers from downtown Chiang Rai. […]

Link for Partners

Adinath Yoga Ashram is Recommend the Yoga Community who work with Heart and Faithfulness. Here is the Link for our Peoples: World Yoga Alliance: http://worldyogaalliance.com/ WYA Directory: http://www.wyayoga.org/ WYA THAILAND: https://www.wya-thailandyoga.com/ Yoga Europe: http://yoga-europe.com/            

200 hour yoga teacher training Thailand 2018

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2018 – Adinath Ashram Thailand. Are you a yoga teacher or Do you want to become a yoga teacher ? Both questions might has many answers, but the real question is, What is the Qualities of become a good yoga teacher / Instructor ? Here we provide you 200 Hr Yoga Teacher […]

Adinath YTT Q/A

 200 hour yoga teacher training information and further Q/A This is a conversation between Miss Gillian Magar ( WYA Teacher ID: TH47CYT200) and our new students. Q: So you’re finished 200 TTC and continuing your course with WYA at Adinath Ashram. Yes I completed my 200 hour TTC on the 25th July – 15th August […]

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy (Ayurvedic energy therapy)  Marma is a Sanskrit word meaning hidden, or secret. By definition, a marma point is a juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. Yet marma points are much more than a causal connection of tissue and fluids; […]

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-like state of relation while still maintaining full consciousness. It is an essential after we end doing the yoga postures. As yoga postures “warm up” the body and yoga Nidra ” cools it down” Just as a computer needs to be turned off and allowed it to cool down after a […]

Ayurveda – Food and Diet

Ahaar (Diet) has its own importance for good health. No one can expect to maintain his health in an excellent state unless he adopts the scientific way of intake of suitable and nutritious food. In a way diet in itself can serve the purpose of medicine. If we know properly the science of nutrition and […]

Ethics for Yoga Teachers

Ethics & Professionalism for a Good Yoga Teacher A yoga teacher is not a job where you turn up for work at 9am, and leave the work behind after 5pm. It is a lifetime, 24/7 commitment where you open your heart to anyone who wishes to learn not just about yoga asanas, but also the […]