Payment Gateway

Thank you so much for your Application form. It has been received successfully in our Office. Now you are just a step away to get into the Course.

Secure your place now by sending a deposit of 600 USD.

We received payment via “WYA Thailand Yoga Institution”. This is our parent Organization, please feel free to pay your deposit here.

 Payment method

If you like to pay via your payment via Bank Transfer: 

1) Bank Transfer: If you choose the option for pay your fee by Bank Transfer all Payments must be net of bank and transfer fees. Transferring by bank transfer, please make sure you also pay for the bank and transfer fees. 

(For International banking “money transfer” Please add your 50 USD with your amount, It is International Banking Money transfer tax)

– For Example: 2,300 USD + 50 USD = 2,350 USD Total. 


About Special Offers or DIS CODE (Discount Code) –

Adinath Ashram may announce, from time to time, ‘Special Discount Offers’ for certain trainings and for a limited period of time which is an “additional discount” besides that of the early bird discount. The terms and conditions to avail of Special Discount Offers are as follows:  

– The applicant should ask the “DIS CODE” (discount code) for the particular ”Special Discount Offers” in her/his first contact with us, being it by email, Facebook, Phone or Internet calling or application form.

– The applicant is not eligible to claim the ”Special Discount Offers” or further discount if she/he has already sign up into the course before and has already paid the booking/registration fee for that particular course or applicant has not previously mentioned the “DIS CODE” claiming the “Special Discount Offers”.

– The applicant is also not eligible to claim the ‘Special Discount Offers’ or further discount if he/she has contacted us through any other website or web directories (from advertising agencies or partners) which also may be announcing and/or receiving enquiries or applications for our courses.

– “Special Discount Offers” are valid only for limited time for limited seats.

– We provide “Special Discount Offers” only for particular training or course being announced under certain particular discounted rate. 

– We reserve the right to withdraw the “Special Discount Offer’ at any time (before expiry the Discount offer date) because we have limited space/seats for yoga teacher training course. 

– This “Special Discount Offers” is not valid for that type of students who had canceled reservation before and sign up second time.  

About advertising agencies or partners Service Charge –

* There in this condition, If applicant would join our training through any other non WYA websites or other payable web directories (from advertising agencies or partners), Applicant must pay for this service charge according to the agencies or partners. 

* If applicant does not want to pay for this service charge then we can pay for our Applicant but after training, Our Division would not be able to provide 3 years FREE Yoga teacher training courses (Same Level) with Internship and other organisation benefits with us.  

* There are some web directories services completely free but some advertising agencies or partners are payable for us.

* This service charge is payable directly to the advertising agencies, partners or us.