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 200 hour yoga teacher training information and further Q/A

This is a conversation between Miss Gillian Magar ( WYA Teacher ID: TH47CYT200) and our new students.

Q: So you’re finished 200 TTC and continuing your course with WYA at Adinath Ashram.

Yes I completed my 200 hour TTC on the 25th July – 15th August 2014. I returned home for a few days and then had the opportunity to attend the next scheduled WYA TTC in August-September.


Q: How did you hear about them? (Like me I’m found them via google search)

I was originally looking for ashtanga yoga and an established organization to complete my TTC in India, the birthplace of Authentic Yoga. After lots of searching on the internet I did not find one that fit with my requirements. I wanted to be taught by an authentic Indian yoga teacher and I found many of the training courses available are offered by foreigners who have a Yoga business in India. I also wanted to find the most ethical option for my training because I also have the belief that Yoga should be on a donation basis!

So I started to look on line for Yoga TTC in Thailand where I have been living for the past few years and once again found many foreign teachers who teach many different types of yoga. I searched for ashtanga yoga and Yoga Alliance Accreditation as I know in the UK many organizations look for this Certificate. I then discovered WYA. An organization that aims to provide high standards of authentic yoga practice worldwide and it also had an authentic very experienced Native Indian teacher and the training was in Thailand! Perfect.


Q: What do you think about your course?

I really enjoyed this course so much so that I asked if I could return to the next TTC!

I have only done self-practice of yoga and although I have studied yoga on and off for many years I can honestly say that this training course has enabled me to see the true depth of what yoga really is. The TTC is designed to give you the full knowledge to be able to become a practicing Yoga teacher as long as you continue with the principles and ethics you have studied, for example daily self-practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and lesson preparation so that you are truly sharing your knowledge of Hatha yoga for yourself, your students and for the Worldwide promotion of qualitative Hatha Yoga principles. You continue to connect with your teacher to keep reviewing your teaching practice and increase your Yoga knowledge.


Q: How’s the teacher? Guru Dharm has very impressive experience but is he a good teacher?

Guru Dharm ji has so much expertise on traditional Authentic Yoga philosophy, history, pranayama, Anatomy and Physiology and Yoga Therapy techniques as well as being an expert in Hatha Yoga Asana practice and demonstration methods. His practical abilities of yoga Asana reflect a lifetime of dedication and a yogic lifestyle starting from when he was five years old. He has completed his Master’s Degree on “Human Consciousness and Yogic Science” from GKV University (India)


Q: Would you recommend to me this school (Adinath Yoga Ashram) ?

Yes I would recommend any individual to come and join Guru Dharm Ji for this intensive 200 / 300 hour TTC. You will gain so much knowledge and practical skills from this course. There are unique materials to follow, ample studying time, lots of asana and daily Hatha Yoga practice as well as the opportunity to practice all that you have learnt.


Q: My concerned was, i know YA from USA and WYA recognize by Indian Gov. Most Yoga school seem to registered with YA (you need to pay annual fee) This is only one thing that I’m not sure about it.

Yes I understand this concern as you are living in Europe. However I feel that WYA is promoting an authentic and well established Original Yoga practices across the world. It is not based on annual fee requirements and is instead dedicated to promoting the highest standard of Traditional Yoga for worldwide accessibility. WYA is generating a network of professional yoga teachers, who are equipped to open their own yoga organizations and institutes as well as skilled yoga teachers who can teach privately.

Once you complete your training you will be registered with WYA “Head Division in India”. You will then receive a “Teacher ID number” and with this onetime payment paid by WYA Thailand upon successful completion of your TTC you will then have lifetime access to further Yoga Training Courses / classes, International Yoga Conferences and a worldwide network of other Yoga Professionals.

Training Overview 
By: Miss Gillian Magar 
on: 2015-03-12