Carol Lei (Oct 2016 Graduate)

Everything happens with a reason.
I started practicing yoga by viewing it as another way of exercise. When I quitted my job 3 years ago to find more time in engaging things that I feel passionate and meaningful in my life. I got the chance to start conducting business teaching, not only I have found teaching as an amazing way for me to grow and learn, it is also an objective for me to share the experience and the right knowledge to others. Hence, I decided to extend my teaching to yoga but I don’t feel myself ready yet. I believe a teacher must equip with the right knowledge, techniques and having the right mentor to guide through the whole journey.
With seriously practicing yoga 3 years ago, I realized the transformation of both my body and soul. Set aside body toning which is a plus in practicing yoga, I also realize my mind, body and soul getting stronger, better endurance and attaining calmness and patience. However, I am still an easily distracted person, thus in considering to find the place for Yoga Teaching Training. Among all the factors in choosing the place for training, a calm but a spectacular place is the priority, and thus, I have chosen WYA Thailand, Chiang Rai.
Embraced with the wonderful scene of tropical trees and mountains, connected to the nature through its chanting and rhythm and inspired by the eco-friendly structures and fixtures of the Ashram, I am able to get focused in my learning.
Guru Dharm, with his profound knowledge and experience in yoga teaching, as well as his hilarious teaching style, we are having enjoyable class while solidifying our foundation knowledge of yoga in both theoretical and practical way. He views it is his mission to deliver the right message of yoga to his students and that is the reason he is dedicated to provide Yoga Teaching Training in his Ashram. I am very certain I have made the right choice to start my Yoga Teacher journey in Chiang Rai and this will always be my school to have my future teaching training going forward.

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