Journey to the inner-self

Journey to the inner-self, yoga way, happy life, yoga teacher training, Adinath Yoga Ashram, AdinathMy experience at Adinath Yoga Ashram, WYA Thailand was very humbling. From the moment you walk into the Adinath Ashram, you feel the tranquility. Master Dharm and his lovely family make you feel like home.
When you get there, you will realize that yoga is not just about asanas. It is a way of living. It will connect you with your inner-self and will make you a better and a happier person.
Master Dharm and all the other teachers in his team are outstanding yoga teachers. Their teaching style and all the learning process help you understand the authentic yoga knowledge. Thanks to them, my self-practice was deeper and more meaningful.
In addition to learning about yoga knowledge, Ashram life was a great self-rejuvenation with its delicious and healthy vegan food, simplicity and self-awareness in daily life.
I think Adinath Yoga Ashram is the best place to develop your yoga practice and experience a way of life that leads you to a higher self.
Thank you for everything WYA Thailand and Master Dharm. You brought a change in my life and I am so happy to share love and yoga knowledge all around the world.
Can’t wait to be back!☺

(July 2016 Graduate)

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