This ashram changes me!!

I started my yoga journey 3 years ago and it has been all about asana. I’ve practiced so hard pushing myself in the way I thought this is yoga!! I got injured from practicing many time, I told myself…it’s normal…this is how it should be. I challenged myself doing advance asana, I even compared myself to others in the class. Posting fancy yoga pics in social became my daily habit. Then one day my husband ask me you have been doing yoga for long time so “what is yoga?” “How many yoga style?” “What’s principal of breathing in yoga?”!!! I was kind of shock because I could not answer anything above with confident. So I had to come back to myself, started to ask myself what I know about yoga…am I doing it in a correct way?! Here I am in Adinath ashram, figured out almost every answers I’ve searched for..not only about yoga but also my passion. Master Dharm is an amazing guru. If you have ever come across those feeling like that I had…you must come here! Come visit the ashram, come and feel it by yourself. 200hrs is just the beginning…thanks to everything that lead me to this ashram!!


— Atchara Kitikuson —
Bangkok, Thailand

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

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