Kru Ananya Singh:

To me, Yoga is a miracle, it has changed my life tremendously. I feel healthier and younger after my continuous practice of Yoga. The practice helps me to concentrate and stay focused on the present, without worrying about the past, and not yearning for the future to come. Each pose needs a lot of focus on specific muscles, but as the result, yoga can heal our mind, body and soul. I have gained a lot of benefits from exercising and practicing every day. Yoga can exercise and align you whole inner organs, leading your mind to peace and focus. I discovered the magic of Yoga throughout my own practice, and that is why I would like to recommend it to others who wish to feel younger, healthier and always in a good mood.

I dearly wish that everyone taking the Yoga class with us will be impressed by the training and the warmest welcome from the trainers. Lastly, my sincerest thanks to worldyogaalliance that lead me to in-depth understanding and dwell in the Yoga world as a profession.    

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Guru Dharm:

Practicing Yoga since 4, Guru Dharm, the leading Yoga teacher of WYA Thailand Yoga, has the vision of sharing Yoga knowledge around the world since his adolescent age. After completion of the college degree in “Human Consciousness and Yogic Science”, Guru Dharm carries his mission by traveling around the world to share his insightful knowledge of authentic Yoga. He believes the best way to attain wisdom is to keep learning the truth and to solidify the foundation of knowledge and skills. In walking the walk, he is currently attaining his Ph.D. in “Human Consciousness and Yogic Science” from GKV University, Haridwar, India while sharing Yoga knowledge simultaneously.