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Here you can find the opportunity to become a Yoga Teacher

Here you will train with internationally renowned teachers, and both your education and your experience will serve you for a lifetime. Feel free to join our authentic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course at Adinath Yoga Ashram in Thailand.

Our Indian Yoga Ashram is located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and offers 200 and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Our goal is to give you a transformational experience and help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, finding inner balance and emotional harmony. We believe in a strong relationship between mind, body, and soul, and our Yoga Teacher Training Course can help you become aware of your own energy, enhance your life by living a healthy yogi lifestyle, and take you to a whole new level of yoga practice. Our main objective is to spread the teachings and principles of yoga, providing the highest standards of yoga teacher training according to WYA standards, and help you become a part of the WYA family.

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