Volunteer in Thailand

If you would like to come and stay at Adinath Ashram Yoga as a volunteer, you are very welcome. We always need an extra pair of hands to help us develop our beautiful place!

Our Indian Yoga Ashram is located in Chiang Rai, Thailand and offers 200 and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs. The ashram was built for future yoga teachers, as well as for those who are passionate about healthy living and enjoy spending time in nature. Our school consists of the main house with several rooms, a yoga hall, a huge kitchen perfect for family-style dinners, garden, and lots of green space around. The ashram is partly finished, but we are still working on a few parts we would like to add to complete our project.

We run a quiet and peaceful place and expect all of our guests to respect our culture, the yogi way of living, as well as Thai communities in the villages around. Our Ashram is not a party place, but a retreat center where anyone can slow down, rest, and find inner balance. We cannot offer you any yoga lessons in exchange for volunteering, but you may use the ashram when it’s not busy with classes. If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, feel free to contact us for more details.

We are vegetarian and serve only vegetarian food. We respect everyone and you don’t have to be vegetarian to stay with us, but we kindly ask you not to eat meat on our property (there are many markets around where you can enjoy a local meal). You can do whatever you want in your free time, but there is no smoking and drinking on the property. There is plenty of space outside where you can enjoy your time off.

Our mother tongues are Thai and Hindi, but we speak very good English. We are very respectful of any religion and race, and welcome people from all over the world, but we ask for basic skills in at least one of these languages. Also, we are a happy family and yoga community. We want friendly people who want to share with us their optimism and the joy of everyday living!

How can you help?

  • Construction skills: Adinath Yoga Ashram is still under construction and we would like to set up more small buildings in the future. If you have any construction skills, please share them with us.
  • Marketing and advertising: we are constantly trying to improve our website so if you have any experience and skills in article and blog writing, online marketing and social media advertising, we would definitely appreciate some help.
  • Office work: if you like office work and want to help with administrative tasks, feel free to get in touch.
  • Interior design: we love art. If you are an artist and would like to help paint and create more art in our ashram, we would love to have you here. There is plenty of room for imagination and creativity in our place.
  • Farming: we always try to eat healthy and organic food, and try to grow and produce as much of our homegrown food as possible. Anyone who is passionate about farming and agriculture, landscape and general property maintenance is very appreciated in our ashram.


Things we offer in exchange

We host a maximum of 4 volunteers at a time and provide a bed in a big 4-bed dormitory (only for volunteers to share). In some cases you may stay in a double guestroom or in a clay house, depending on the number of guests we have at the time. All our rooms are clean and safe, and there is hot water and western style toilets. We serve 2 to 3 vegetarian meals per day, but there are always snacks and fresh fruit available for you to enjoy. Drinking water is provided 24/7. We can easily host a couple or a small family if you are traveling together. If you wish to explore the area, we have a few bicycles you are welcome to use. All the other expenses are your own. Please note, that we don’t cover your transfer from the city and cannot offer you a paid work.

Additional Information

The area around Chiang Rai offers a lot for all those who wish to explore it, such as sightseeing, cultural or adventure attractions. We are also very close to the Golden Triangle with Myanmar and Laos. We probably won’t have the time to show you around, but the area is safe for you to visit on your own. Very often people make friends with other guests and go for trips together, or just take a walk to the waterfall nearby the ashram. We are happy to provide you with additional information on what to do around.

Please, bear in mind that we are located in the tropics. It gets hot most of the time of the year (sometimes even at night), but there are also some chilly nights, so consider that when packing up your clothes. We kindly ask you to be respectful and wear discrete clothing on our property (and generally in Thailand). We love pets but unfortunately cannot host them due to the hygiene standards or allergies other guests may have. Considering the location and the nature of our place, we advise you bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent with you. Our place is very safe but we live in nature, which means that sometimes you can spot a snake, a scorpion, or any other animal or insect. We ask you to have a valid travel insurance, as we cannot provide that for you.

We are flexible about working hours, but we generally get up early and go to sleep early. Also, depending on the weather, working time may vary (especially if you help with construction or in the garden).

Why volunteer with us?

We combine Thai and Indian cultures based in one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand. A lot of our yoga students come from all over the world, making Adinath Yoga Ashram a truly multicultural place. We are not a language school, there are no cooking classes or no Thai Massage courses, but you will definitely feel the good energy of our place, enjoy nice conversations with people from other countries, explore the area and get to know authentic Thai culture.


If you are interested in volunteering at Adinath Yoga Ashram, please provide us with some additional information about yourself (name, age, occupation, origin), how can you help us and what you expect in return, and how long you would like to stay at our place. We are waiting for you in Chiang Rai!